The Norris Bowers Band is a hearty mix of two families who have been jamming and rabble-rousing together for many years now, resulting in a sound that pushes the boundaries of traditional old time music, while remaining true to its spirit. Finally united in one band for your listening pleasure, the Norris and Bowers families are here to bring you high-octane old time music with a bluegrasser’s eye for drama and harmony. It’s the sound of old time music as we like to hear it played, and it’s the sound of our new album, Gin Chicken. We encourage you to grab your dancing shoes and to enjoy Gin Chicken (and The Norris Bowers Band) responsibly.

norris bowers band

The Norris/Vaillancourt family includes Celine Vaillancourt and her two sons, Jason Norris and Scott Norris. The Bowers family includes Pete Bowers, and his daughter Aurora Bowers and son Ryan Bowers.

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